Gubbeen Cheese

Gubbeen Cheese has been produced since 1979 by Giana Ferguson in West Cork, Ireland. The surface ripened, semi-soft cheese has won some of the key cheese awards both in Ireland and England. Gubbeen Cheese is produced in flat rounds, has a delicate pink and white rind that is developed in curing rooms by daily washing and a lot of skilled care. The flavors are creamy with lots of mushroom and nutty aftertastes and the aroma can be called strong.

Giana's 'Cheesemakers' herd is a mixture of several breed; British Friesians, Simmenthals, Jerseys and Shorthorn are the Kerry Cow, Ireland's only native breed. The cattle's diet of grass and mixed pasture produces the quality of milk that gives Gubbeen Cheese its unique flavors. Moreover the Gubbeen team is committed to keep the farm GMO-free.