Ricotta Salata Cheese

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Ricotta Salata is a wonderful combination of nutty and creamy with just a hint of salt. Aged 90 days, this semi-firm cheese has a smooth, white appearance and a rather dry texture, perfect for cubing, crumbling or shredding. It boasts a pleasant milky flavor, coming from the whey part of the sheep's milk.

This is such a great cheese to keep handy; it can be the star or the supporting role. You can sprinkle onto salads and pastas. Grill peaches or pineapple and top with crumbled Ricotta Salata. Serve cubed as a table cheese or as part of an antipasto platter sharing space with the olives and figs. Keep the sparkling wine close by for a great pop.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of 1 pound and 8 ounces, or you can order by the wheel, which is approximately 7 pounds.

Ingredients:pasteurized sheep's milk whey, salt.
This cheese is very good quality, but very salty. Just be aware before purchasing.