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Harvest Song, a partnership of James Tufenkian and Sylvia Tirakian, based in New York, is a specialty food company that imports fresh, natural gourmet food products directly from Armenia. Apricot Preserve is made from sweet sun-ripened apricots. This preserve is a NASFT Award Winner for 2006. This preserve pairs well with Parmiggiano Reggiano.

Harvest Song created a line of all-natural gourmet preserves, pectin free, and without additives or preservatives. These Gourmet Preserves taste like they were just picked from the garden. That's because farming in Armenia, a small country situated between the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black Seas is not yet industrialized like most modern countries of the world. The fruit is sun ripened and immediately picked and prepared for preserving, so the vitamins and nutrients are not lost before the canning process.

Each jar of Harvest Song preserves begins with the fertile ground of the Ararat Valley; the most succulent fruits, vegetables and natural ingredients are vacuumed sealed in glass containers to preserve the taste and the nutritional value and quality of the food and each jar has its own sun-dried, handmade rice paper from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Ingredients:apricot, pure cane sugar, citric acid (lemon juice).
Without question this is the finest apricot preserve in the world. Think and tasty with natural pieces of Apricot. Made in Armenia, whose national flag represents an apricot colored stripe, this is as close to being homemade as you sill find --and made by an ancient people