Escargots, Helix Snails 72 count

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Helix is a genus of large air-breathing land snails, terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. This genus is native to Europe and the regions around the Mediterranean Sea. Helix is the type genus of the family Helicidae.The best-known species include Helix aspersa, the common, or brown garden snail, and Helix pomatia, the Roman snail, Burgundy snail, or edible snail. H. pomatia and some other species are eaten as escargots.

The helix varieties tend to be more plump and tender. Escargot snails are categorized and sold by size, ranging from small to extra large. Escargot or snails are commonly sold canned. Canned snails are cooked prior to canning. The cooking liquid may be as simple as water, salt, and spices, or it may also contain some vegetable matter.

Before use, the snails should be thoroughly drained and then rinsed under flowing water. Snails can be served in their shells, snail plates,or mushroom caps. Rinse before using. Soak or simmer snails in wine to enhance their flavor

Escargots are typically cooked with butter and/or wine, and then put or returned to sterilized shells and served with a sauce and accompaniments such as garlic, herbs or nuts. Escargots are low in fat, high in protein and have a high amount of essential fatty acids.

This can contains 72 snails.

Ingredients:helix snails, water.
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