Guanciale Americano

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We hear people say 'everything tastes better with bacon'. Try Guanciale and your love of bacon will reach a whole different level. Guanciale is officially not bacon, but it is very close and you can substitute one for the other.

It is an authentic Italian cured pork meat product made from the fatty and tender tissues of the jowl or cheek. Its name is derived from guancia, the Italian word for 'cheek'. La Quercia dry cures it in salt, pepper and rosemary for a minimum of 6 weeks, which gives it a stronger flavor than pancetta.

The robust flavor of this cured jowl means you can do with a small amount and still have a class A flavor. Guanciale is the meat to use in classic Italian dishes as pasta carbonara, gricia and amatriciana.

La Quercia's meats are made from ABF (antibioctic-free) and hormone free pork raised humanely.

Guanciale can be eat cooked and uncooked. Slice it or cube it with a sharp knife.

Ingredients:pork, sea salt, spices.
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