Mortadella with Pistachios Sliced

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Whenever you are ready to upgrade your Bologna Sandwich, we have you covered with this Italian-made Mortadella with Pistachios. This is the classic deli meat from Bologna, studded with pistachios.

Obviously, it is sliced from a larger Mortadella, that is produced according to traditional methods, with finely ground pork, and spices and slow cooked for 20 hours in a red brick oven, resulting in a buttery texture with no greasy residue.

Layer it on a piece of crusty bread spread with olive tapenade, add an Italian cheese, like Provolone, Parmesan, Asiago, Mozzarella, pile lettuce and tomato on top and you'll have an amazing sandwich.

Ingredients:pork, pork fat, salt, pistachio nuts, spices.
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