Spanish Omelette With Onions

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These delicious fluffy omelettes bring you a taste of Spain in an easy to serve form that will have your family asking for more! Traditional Spanish style Omelettes with Potatoes and Onions are a favorite for snacking at all times of day, and can be found in every Spanish grocery store.

The perfect dish for a picnic, tapas, or main course, they can be enjoyed hot or cold! Top with roasted peppers or sardines for an authentic Spanish experience.

Ingredients:fried potato (50%)(potato and sunflower oil), pasteurized liquid egg (35%), fried onion (10%)(onion, virgin olive oil (o,3%) and salt), sunflower oil, salt, egg powder, stabilizers (carrageenan, carrofin gum, xanthan gum and potassium chloride), modified starches, maltodextrin, olive oil (0,13%) and acidifier (citric acid).
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