Spotted Trotter Nduja

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Nduja is a generously spiced, spreadable pork sausage that originates from the Calabrian region of Italy whose roots date back to the early 19th century.

Celebrating this old-world Italian delight, Spotted Trotter Nduja is made with fermented Giardiniera pepper mix and rich cuts like cheek meat, fat back and belly. This delectable treat is sure to please.

Spread on warm Italian bread for a classic snack or appetizer or sprinkle atop freshly made pizza or pasta for a rich and stunning entree. Accompanies wonderfully with rose and dry white wines.

Ingredients:pork, giardiniera (peppers [serrano, jalapeno, red] onion, carrot, fennel, cauliflower, celery, spices, oil, water), spices, garlic, red wine, dextrose, sodium nitrite, maturation starter culture.
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