Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Calogiuri family, from the Salento district in Italy, is producing olives and high quality extra virgin olive oils. It is during the month of November, that the Calogiuri family, is busy picking the olives and extracting the oil from their prized olives.

Hand-picking and cold-pressing is the old family tradition of creating the oil. The specifics of the method is that the oil is extracted from the crushed olives through a method of the 'Affiorato' (surfacing). After the olive is crushed the oil rises to the surface detaching itself naturally from the water. Also don't be surprised that you may see some sediment in the bottom of the bottle.

Calogiuri's Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a fresh and delicate taste and works well in many of your recipes.

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