Rillettes de Canard

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Rillettes de Canard or Duck Rillettes are made famous in the western region of Tour, in France. The slow cooking process allows the duck meat to become tender and succulent, making this confit-style spread irresistible. Rillettes is a combination of shredded meat and duck fat, seasoned and cooked confit-style. Duck Rillettes is a gourmet delicacy that can be savored on toast or a French baquette. Pair it with a full-bodied fruit forward red wine with minty and herbal notes or a light-bodied dry white wine.

In the winter of 1975 Three Little Pigs opened a charcuterie in Greenwich Village and named it 'Les Trois Petits Couchons', French for three little pigs, as the owners were French. From the start their pates were received with praise and they started to create more delicious products, like terrines, mousse and more pates. All their pates are made from natural ingredients, no preservatives, or fillers are added. The products are handmade in small batches, using traditional recipes.

Ingredients:duck meat, pork, duck fat, spices, salt, black pepper.