Basil Pesto Bruschetta

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Pesto knows no bounds. It is one of the most versatile condiments on the planet and a crowd favorite. Pesto is the past participle of pestare (pesta), the Genoese verb which means "to crush". Aptly named because that is exactly how it is made.

Orti D'Italia's Basil Pesto Bruschetta is made from basil, cashew nuts, Grana Padano cheese, garlic, and spices that are crushed together to create an almost creamy condiment that is bursting with flavor.

This Italian pesto can be used in nearly any recipe where deliciousness is desired. Layer on halved French bread and top with mozzarella and fresh sliced tomatoes, bake until brown and bubbly for easy French bread pizzas.

Try it in pasta along with marinara, with grilled chicken ona sandwich, or dollop onto hot vegetables.

Ingredients:basil (fresh basil, sunflower seed oil, sea salt), sunflower seed oil, potatoes, cashew nuts, Granvegetarian cheese (cow's milk, salt, enzymes, microbial rennet), garlic, sugar, sea salt. Acidity regulator: lactic acid.