Premium Basil Pesto

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This Bear Pond Premium Basil Pesto is gluten free and nut free. A lush and savory pesto that will make for a great topping on pasta, a sandwich, or added to soup, stew and veggies.

Bear Pond Farm began at a New York City green market, where they once sold heirloom veggies and herbs to discerning buyers. Today, Bear Pond Farm cultivates basil, rare Sicilian mintucha and Greek kaliteri oreganos, rosemary, mints, French sorrel and lemon verbena on the East Coast and also operates a certified organic farm in Northern California in order to process several of their rare herb varieties during the winter season.

You can freeze and re-freeze this gourmet pesto; no waste, no spoilage. Just microwave them on low power with the lid ajar so that they will vent; in order to warm them to just room temperature.

Once thawed you can keep them for 30 days in the refrigerator or refreeze them.

Ingredients:organic basil, non-GMO canola and extra virgin olive oil blend, pecorino romano cheese (sheep’s milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet), garlic, organic oregano, black pepper, whey, rosemary extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid.
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