Calabrian Sliced Salami with Capers

Picture of calabrian sliced salami with capers
Sliced, weight: 3 ounces
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Whole, approx. 1.75 pounds
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Calabrian Salami with Capers is a pork salami with a spicy, bold, sophisticated heat. Pork expertly blended with garlic, Calabrian chili flake, and Calabrian salted capers - A Spotted Trotter original and found nowhere else in the world.

They have developed an amazing, exquisite heat that deliciously pairs with pork and garlic. This salami pairs beautifully with Italian cheeses and wines of all type and consistency, especially Pecorino Romano and a full-bodied Barolo wine. It should not be missed.

We sell the Calabrian as a whole salami of approximately 1.75 pounds or thinly sliced in packages of 3 ounces.

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