Gluten-Free Salami, Cured Meat

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Two of three great Italian loves - Wine and Salami - come together resulting in one of the most authentic and innovative products in today's world of charcuterie.Experience the unique, old world style of Volpi's Chianti Salami. This... read more
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Pepper Salami is aged for 21 days, this classic Italian country-style Salame is mildly spiced, laced with wine and hand-rolled in freshly cracked peppercorns.... read more
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Pinot Grigio Wine Salami is made with fresh all natural pork and Italian spices, infused with the finest quality Pinot Grigio white wine, dry cured and aged to perfection. This white wine salami uses crisp California Pinot Grigio wine to bring... read more
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Salame Rosa, or pick salami if you like, is a salame cotto, a cooked salame, so different from the salami that we all know, a relatively hard, aged sausage with pieces of fat scattered around the dry red meat.Salame Rose is from the city of... read more
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Barolo is often considered one of the bes Italian wines; it is made from the the Piedmont area in Northern Italy. Barolo is a rich and full-bodied wine with a strong presence of acidity and tannins and Barolo wine is often compared to a... read more
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