Hot Soppressata Sliced

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Salumi Italiani Uncured Hot Soppressata is made with a traditional sausage grind. It can best be described as Pepperoni’s spicy cousin, made with paprika, crushed red pepper and fennel seeds. This soppressata is made with all natural ingredients and never uses preservatives.

This delicious sliced meat will add an eye popping splash of color to your next charcuterie and cheese board, or can be layered with other Italian meats and cheeses to create a mouthwatering Italian Sub! Try it on pizza in place of pepperoni for an extra spicy kick.

Ingredients:pork, sea salt, spices (red pepper, fennel seeds), dextrose, celery powder, oleoresin of paprika, sugar, rosemary extract, cherry powder, mustard, lactic acid and starter culture.
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