Pistachio Cinnamon Vegan Fig Salami

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Time to mix it up with some fruity charcuterie. In the shape of a salami, this sweet treat isn't meant to mimic meat but inspired by dense fruit and nut cakes from the Mediterranean. The "salami" shape makes for a cute and sliceable log of dried fruit and nuts with a unique shape and flavor. This one is flavored with pistachio and cinnamon.

Completely vegan, Hellenic Farms' Fig Salamis are100% plant-based and made from premium figs, and dried fruits or nuts. They are GMO free and have no added sugars, making them an excellent healthy snack and a perfect addition to a cheese platter that will please all your guests, regardless of dietary restrictions. No refrigeration is necessary, even after opening.

Slice the salami onto a cheese plate, enjoy with a salad, on yogurt, as dessert or a great hiking snack.

Ingredients:dried figs, cinnamon, pistachios.
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