Southern Smash Salami

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This is a French-style Noisette - a medium hard salami with nuts (noisette means 'nut' in French). It is salami with a sophisticated southern draw, distinctively unique by its oval shape from smashing it during the fermentation stage.

Spotted Trotter pays homage to the deep southern roots of food and southern food ways by filling this delicious salami with pork shoulder, toasted Georgia peanuts, southern cayenne, garlic, and smoked pimenton.

This salami pairs deliciously with sweeter cocktails, medium to big bodied red wines, Belgian beers, and full-bodied Vermouths and Madeiras. Accompany with an 18-month aged gouda or heavily aged sheep's milk cheese to contrast the nutty savory finish of the salami.

Note: We will weigh this Southern Smash Salami before we ship it and will charge your credit card according to the weight of the ham that will be shipped to you.

Ingredients:pork, salt, spices, peanuts, sodium nitrate, maturation starter culture.
Allergen: contains peanuts.
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