Spicy Chupacabra Salami

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Spicy Chupacabra Salami is a Latin American inspired salami named after the 'spicy' creature that is known for wreaking havoc in Latin American folklore. This is a full bodied, spice infused goat and beef salami that speaks to the amazing flavor of South American heat and the delicious chilies that come from that region.

Pastured goat and beef are finished with red chili flake, serrano, Allepo, Pasilla chili, organic garlic, Atlantic sea salt. On the cheese front this salami pairs wonderfully with hard goat and nutty sheep milk cheeses like queso Idiazabal.

Spicy Chupacabra complements an assortment of dried fruits, and pairs beautifully with Belgian dark ales and full-bodied Spanish and Argentinian wines such as Catena Alta Malbec.

Ingredients:beef, goat, spices, salt, garlic, brown sugar, sherry (fermented grapes), dextrose, sodium nitrate, starter culture.
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