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Fra' Manis handcrafted Salametto is coarse ground and garlic scented. The sausage is rich in color and full in flavor. Fra' Manis founder, Paul Bertolli, may be best known as an executive chef of exquisite restaurants in California, we know of him as the creator or excellent salamis and other sausages.

Fra' Mani's mission is to keep old world food traditions alive in taste and craft, using ingredients of the highest quality from sustainable sources. The meat they use in their products comes from family farmers committed to the well-being of their animals and their land. The hogs are never given antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, growth-promoting agents or meat by-products.

Fra' Manis Salametto has both white mold (penicillin nalviogense and blue/green mold (penicillin glaucum). Both are harmless strains, similar to the mold found on cheese. Depending on the storage conditions, mold may change in color and increase or decrease in quantity. Changes in the mold alone do not affect the quality of the salami itself.

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