Salami Casalingo

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Creminelli's Salami Casalingo is based on the recipe of the province of Biella and is well-known for its simple and natural ingredients. A small quantity of salt, pepper and spice is all that is needed to enhance the remarkable quality of the pork. It does not have a strong, overbearing taste and this is the secret of its success: sweetness and simplicity.

Cristiano Creminelli, who is at the helm of Creminelli Meats, makes his salami by hand and according to traditional recipes. Salami Casalingo or salami di casa comes from the old-time Italian tradition that each household producing its own salami, hence the name 'the salami of the house'.

Ingredients:pork, sea salt, natural flavors, organic spics, sugars, organic garlic, lactic acid starter cultures. (in beef casing).
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