Salami Premium Genoa

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In our Salami Premium Genoa, a blend of cracked pepper and fresh garlic is combined with a medium grind of extra-lean pork to give this sausage its aromatic mellowness.

Hand-stuffed and slowly air-dried for 2 months, it is just the thing on sandwiches, in an antipasto or as a topping on pizza. You can even slice it into a hearty country salad.

I absolutely love this salami. I eat at least one a week. I started off slicing it and eating it with a nice baguette and brie, sometimes gouda, but by now I just eat it straight out of the package. Every time I bite into that hunk of sweet, sweet salami, the serotonin fires likes crazy in my brain. I woke up on New Year's Day passed out on the couch, with a dozen half eaten salamis strewn around and on me. The first thing I did in the new year was to take the salami laying on my belly, bring it to my mouth, and tear off a delicious morsel of meat. This will be a good year.
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