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Peter Luger Steak House has been serving the finest USDA Prime steaks since 1887. Their own old fashioned Steak House sauce is not only great on steak, but also served on slabs of red ripe tomatoes, according to Linda Eckhardt's 'Guide to America's Best Foods'. Selling of this sauce only began after customers requests.

The taste is somewhere between cocktail sauce - it's spicy with horseradish and traditional steak sauce - being a rich brown color. The sauce is fat-free, which you won't believe when you taste it.

Use the sauce as a marinade for your favorite meat or fish, us it as an ingredient in your meatloaf or hamburger or use it as it is, instead of ketchup.

Because this Steak House Sauce does not contain preservatives, the manufacturer recommends it needs to be shipped refrigerated.


I've been going to Peter Luger (both locations: Brooklyn and Queens) for more than 30 years. Never, ever, have I seen anyone put the sauce on a steak: mostly it is used on their tomato and onion salad and it is wonderful. When the waiter brings your steak (porterhouse for 4, for example), he inverts a salad plate and places one end of the steak platter on the plate so it is angled. This allows the juices - mostly butter - to collect at the bottom. He then spoons the butter back over the steak. Putting anything else on that piece of heaven would be sacrilege IMHO.

I have to disagree with Joshua, even the Peter Luger website describes it as a steak sauce, and it is known far and wide as a great steak sauce.

While the sauce is excellent, the description is incorrect. Peter Luger's Sauce, as written on the bottle is in no way shape or form steak sauce and is not positioned or marketed as such. It is great with potatoes and pork however try it at Lugers on their sizzling bacon aka broiled pork bellies but you will get a scowl from the already surly waitstaff if you put it on steaks

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