Anchovy Paste

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

Anchovy paste is a salty paste made from ground anchovy fillets, with a few other ingredients. The flavor can be rather overwhelming, but that's why you only need to use it in small doses and that's why it is available in small tubes.

Of course you can make anchovy past from scratch by mixing olive oil and anchovies, but that is a messy job and this small tube can be kept for several months and does not make you kitchen small like a fish market and you'll have no dirty hands.

A tiny squeeze in pasta sauces, or stews, in your salad or on pizzas can transform ordinary into delicious.

Scalia Benedetto in Sicily is one of the most reliable producers of salted anchovies and they are doing things the old-fashioned way since 1973.

Ingredients:anchovies, salt, sunflower seed oil.
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