Iberico Cheese

Iberico cheese is made from a mixture of pasteurized cow's, goat's and sheep's milk. The blend consists of approximately 50% cow's, 30% goat milk and 10% sheep's milk. The cow's milk provides the flavor and acidity, the goat's milk add a tartness to the flavor and the sheep's milk gives the cheese a richness and buttery consistency.

The Iberico cheese is made in the same type of mold as Manchego, and therefore has the same hatched pattern imprinted into its rind. The flavor is herbaceous, the interior has a light yellow white to slight beige color and a mild sheepy aroma.

This Spanish gourmet cheese is a wonderful table cheese; serve it with quince paste (membrillo). It is also melts easily and can be used in many recipes. When you serve tapas, pair the Iberico with Chorizo or Serrano ham, Spanish red wines and a nice rustic bread.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk from cow, sheep and goat, salt, calcium chloride, rennet, lactic ferment and preservatives E-1105 (from egg).