Idiazabal Etxegarai Cheese (wheel)

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Raw milkYes
Animal RennetYes

This cheese tastes similar to Manchego, but with the natural smokiness. It's a firm cheese with a golden straw hue, dappled with tiny holes, and slightly translucent. Idiazabal tastes like olive oil and butterscotch with and a hint of tangy acidity.

Manchego lovers must try Idiazabal (id-ee-uh-ZAH-bull). One taste might take you to Basque country a long time ago, dotted with sheep and their shepherds.

Long ago, sheep herders in the Basque country would make cheese from their sheep's milk. They'd make the cheese inside small huts where they lived in the summer, aging the cheese in the rafters. Smoke from their fires would warm the room and happen to smoke the cheese wheels stored above. Now a smoked cheese by design, Idiazabal hold a status of "Denomination of Origin", meaning its production is strictly regulated. Any cheese marked "Idiazabal" is made with raw milk from Latxa or Carranzana sheep.

Idiazabal is made into small drums and aged for 3-4 months.

Absolutely scrumptious with fresh fruit, Spanish ham, crusty bread and some Marcona almonds. Shave over a salad for an instant gourmet experience.

Ingredients:unpasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt, enzymes.