Fine La Baleine Sea Salt

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Gourmet-Food Fast Facts

This fine Mediterranean sea salt is from the French La Baleine Company. The salt, or white gold as they call it, is collected from the Mediterranean salt marshes. A salt marsh is a area of land that is made up of shallow basins and salt tables where the salt is harvested, using sun and wind. Sea water is circulated over large shallow areas and the water evaporates.

The salt marshes are maintained by the 'saliniers', salt farmers. They maintain the marches and salt tables, so every year the process can be repeated and salt can be collected.

The fine La Baleine salt is the salt for every day use, whereas the coarse salt is used when you like the crunch in your dishes; as the salt crystals are larger. Click here for the coarse La Baleine Sea Salt.

The salt marches are also a wonderful area for many species of birds, and plants that enjoy the high salt concentration.