Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt

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Sacred red volcanic clay from the island of Molokai colors this Hawaiian sea salt red. Chefs like this salt, because the clay may help seal in the moisture of meats when roasting. The flavor is salty and earthy and would do great with grilled seafood and vegetables or in rubs.

The Island of Molokai is still rather rural, with little to no industry, leaving the waters surrounding Molokai pure and so the salt coming from this area of the Pacific Ocean.

Quai Sud is a French manufacturer of gourmet products, based in Toulon in southern France on the Mediterranean coast.

The packaging of the Red Alaea Hawaiian Salt is a shot glass with a cork top. Easy to close, easy to use and a wonderful gift.

Ingredients:natural salt from the Pacific Ocean, 0.5% red Alaea (volcanic clay).
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