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Saffron is one of the most expensive food products in the world and it is a traditional and natural spice in many cuisines. There may be tricks to imitate the color of saffron by using colorings, but that is a far cry from the real thing and will never replace the magic, the delicate flavor, color and aroma of one single filament of authentic saffron.

Grind a small amount of filaments and add a wonderful color and flavor to stews, sauces, pasta, paella, risottos, fish dishes, etc, the choice is endless.

Safrante is recognized world-wide for manufacturing the finest Spanish saffron threads and filaments. Safrante embodies the hard work of a family: ‘los Garcia’, whose only idea and desire is innovation while remaining faithful to its principles of quality.

This small jar contains 1 gram of Saffron

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