Beet Hummus

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Oven roasted beets own a luxurious flavor and bold color that makes The Tomato Head Beet Hummus a wonder to behold and pure magic to eat. The combination of perfectly seasoned chickpeas blended with tahini and bright beautiful beets gives a subtly sweet edge to the bold flavors of what may be the most eye-catching and mouth-watering hummus you'll ever eat.

And while they make great dips, don't get so caught up in absolutes that you overlook all the hummus hack potential, consider trying the recipe, Tomato Head's Beet and Carrot Hummus Sandwich.

It combines 2 flavors of hummus with the taste of market fresh produce for a sandwich of considerable crunch and savor. Even if the recipe doesn't pre-date the Common Era and does take some liberties with even older recipes, it's still absolutely delicious.

Ingredients:non-GMO chickpeas, beets, water, tahini (sesame seeds), non-GMO canola oil, garlic, salt, vinegar, citric acid.