Black Bean Sriracha Hummus

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Think you know hummus? Just wait til you get a bite of this bold Black Bean flavor. The combination of spice and garlic with black beans and chickpeas makes a warm mouthful of savory joy that has just the right kind of kick to keep you coming back for more. Pair with tortilla chips for a fun appetizer or snack.

Add this to shrimp tacos (chicken for those who are shellfish sensitive) for an extra kick of flavor. Warm corn tortillas layered with spicy black bean hummus topped with juicy grilled shrimp (or chicken). Pack on crunchy shredded cabbage and top with lime sour cream...these tacos will make EVERYONE run to the dinner table.

Ingredients:non-GMO black beans, water, non-GMO chickpeas, tabasco sriracha (red jalapeno pepper, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, xantham gum), tahini (sesame seeds), non-GMO canola oil, vinegar, spices, garlic, salt, citric acid.
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