Saw Mill Pepper Gravy

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Having a recipe of good flavorful gravy is a valuable asset. If you don't, Southern City Flavors has a Gravy mix that can help you serving up a killer peppery gravy.

Gravy will bring a little piece of the South to your table, whether it's on top of biscuits for breakfast, as a dipping sauce for lunch, or atop a piece of country fried chicken for supper, this Mix is a great addition to any meal.

For single person serving, use half a cup of Saw Mill Pepper Gravy and 1 cup warm water. To make entire package for 4 servings, mix with 4 cups of warm water. In a medium size skillet add water and mix. Using a whisk, mix gravy mix and water while heating over medium heat. Consistently mix with whisk as you heat to a low boil or until gravy thickens to desired thickness Remove from heat and serve warm.

Ingredients:unbleached wheat flour, powder shortening, non dairy creamer, buttermilk powder, salt, black pepper.