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Sap Sago is a pale green gourmet cheese from the canton of Glarus in Switzerland and is something of an acquired taste. It is made from skim milk and flavored with fenugreek, a wild clover which grows in the locality and gives the cheese its unique flavor. Many seek it out as a low-fat substitute for Parmigiano and Pecorino Romano.

The gourmet cheese is extremely hard and is made for grating. Sap Sago has many names; Sapsago, Schabziger and may even simply be referred to as 'green cheese'. It is pressed into small truncated cones of 3.2 ounces and we sell them in pairs.

I was first introduced to Sapsago cheese by my maternal grandmother in the 1940's and have enjoyed it ever since, although it is not easy to find. I especially enjoy it grated on buttered caraway rye bread.

I like Sapsago grated and mixed with cream cheese and spread over Ritz Crackers. Throw in a glass of sweet tea and I'm back at Grandma's kitchen table carelessly spinning the lazy susan while watching the squirrels and birds eat the feed from the tin on the back porch.

I remember eating this type cheese at my grandmother's farm in northern WI when I was young. A clerk at the Milwaukee Public Market told me what it was called and now I am happy to have found it again. My mouth waters in anticipation, eating it grated on buttered homemade bread!

I love sapsago cheese. First time I had it was at my grandmothers house. We always mixed it with butter and spread it on soda crackers. I also like it sprinkled on vegetable soup. I lived in Wisconsin for some time and could easily find it in the grocery stores. Now I live in Southern Indiana and can't find it at all. Am glad that I have found a site I can order it from.

This stuff is the best. My mother would make a salad dressing consisting of grated Sap Sago, mayonnaise and lemon juice. Tangy and oh so good !!

If you grate this awesome cheese and make twice baked potatos (green onion optional) then mix a little with your favorite cheddar for the topping you will have a real treat. If you got a real wood stove like great grandmas that's another level altogether .