Sap Sago Cheese

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Sap Sago, also known by it's traditional name, Schabziger is a cheese with a long history and a devoted following. First produced in the 8th century by monks in the Canton of Glarus, this cheese is still made using the same traditional recipe, and is one of the oldest cheeses to have a protected name that dictates the production methods.

This cow's milk cheese is first pressed into cones to drain and dry aged for 2-3 months. Then the cheese is ground into a powder, and aged another 8 months, after which blue fenugreek is added and the mixture is pressed into molds to make hard cones and wrapped in foil. This creates a bright green color and a herbaceous, sage like flavor.

Sap Sago can be grated over dishes, or is also traditionally grated and mixed with butter for a delicious spread.

Ingredients:curd (made from skimmed and pasteurised cow's milk), salt, blue fenugreek (trignonella telilotus caerulea).