Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea

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Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon has an ideal climate for growing tea; hot and sunny, with the right amount of rain to yield teas with a wide range of flavor and color.

Orange Pekoe tea does not contain any orange flavor or color; orange pekoe is a term used to grade the size and quality of dried black tea leaves.

Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea is made from carefully selected teas from the high-altitude district of Dimbula, which give this tea its bright, golden color and crisp, refreshing taste.

In the 1870's, Ceylon became a major tea producing area after the coffee crop failed. Its tea is still referred to as Ceylon, despite the country changing its name to Sri Lanka in 1972 following independence. Ceylon is ideal to drink at any time of day and is great for ice tea too. Drink black, with a little milk and sweeten to taste.

Ingredients:black tea.