Saffron & Cinnamon Fusion Diet Chai Tea

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Saffron Cinnamon Diet Chai Tea is a herbal tea that is caffeine-free. This tea is sweet tasting and drinking a cup may help satisfy your sweet cravings, so you won't add sugar to your tea or honey or grab a cookie, and your tea drinking session is zero calories.

Saffron Cinnamon Diet Chai Tea has a lovely color, partly from the saffron and the other herbs and ingredients: nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, senna, cinnamon, allspice. The aroma of the tea is also lovely.

Enjoy your sip of Cinnamon Diet Chai Tea. Each box contains 20 tea bags.

Ingredients:nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, saffron, senna, cinnamon, allspice.
This tea not only tastes wonderful, but help correct my irregularity.

I got this tea for Christmas and it is one of the smoothest tea's I have ever had. Very soothing and very enjoyable to drink. It smells great in the tea bags. I will continue to drink this tea when I run out. Highly recommended.

This tea is amazing!!!!! I love the flavor of this tea and it smells very good. It has definitely mad me feel much better. Less stressful, and has improved m ittrgularity.

I love this tea. I can't have Black, White or Green tea for health reasons, and herbal teas usually taste flat to me. This tea however makes me feel satisfied. Very tasty

The best tea for antioxidants.

For the past 4 years Ive ordered from Gourmet-Food. I love this tea I recommend you drink it at least twice a week it soes help keep you regulated.

Great Tea. It does contain Senna which is a stimulant laxative so be careful with the amount.

I love the taste of this tea, but sadly it made me go so much and so frequently last year when I first tried it, that I got hemorrhoids. I thought it was a coincidence, so once I was healed (which took nearly a year) I tried the tea again, and same result. Bums me out because I LOVE this tea. :(