Saffron Jasmine & Red Rooibos Tea

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Saffron Jasmine and Red Rooibos Tea is a lovely unique tea, with green tea, rooibos tea and jasmine flavor and saffron as the ingredients.

Tea is a very popular drink, and has gained in popularity over the last decades. This Red Rooibos tea has indeed a red color, but the green tea and the saffron turn the red slightly browner- the color of leaves in the fall.

The flavor of the tea can be strong and for people who do not like their tea strong, it may help to steep this Saffron Jasmine and Red Rooibos Tea shorter than you would normally do. Try it either way, the rooibos tea is a tea you would like to try.

Taja Tea's Saffron Jasmine and Red Rooibos Tea contains caffein and each box contains 20 tea bags.

Ingredients:green tea, rooibos tea, jasmine flavor, saffron.