Booze Thyme Cherries

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Topping dessert with cherries is not particular fancy, but when you replace your cherries with these Booze Thyme Cherries, you'll have a dessert of a whole different dimension.

Taste Elevated brines the cherries in a potion of brandy and amaretto and then cook them with a blend of aromatic spices and at the end of the cooking process, fresh thyme is added.

Try these cherries in a sauce you'll serve with pork, chicken and turkey and the juice can be transformed into a wonderful reduction sauce to serve along with these entrees. But, the magic doesn’t stop there; top ice cream, cheesecake or your favorite dessert with these jewels. Or, add the juice to your favorite cocktail.

Ingredients:cherries, brown sugar, sugar, water, brandy, amaretto, thyme, kosher salt, spices.
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