Jose Andres Escalivada Catalan Roasted Vegetables

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One of the most popular dishes of the Catalonian kitchen, this classic has an amazing background - eggplant from Almeria and Murcia, onions and peppers from Navarra and olive oil from Andalucia – the finest Spain has to offer.

The peppers are harvested by hand, roasted over firewood and peeled without water to preserve as much flavor as possible. Escalivada means 'cooked over embers'; the method Spanish mountain shepherds first used to prepare the dish on cold nights while keeping watch over their sheep.

Now you can enjoy this rustic treat at home without having to worry about bringing out the grill. Serve alongside your favorite meats, tossed in a salad or with warm toast.

Ingredients:eggplant, piquillo pepper, olive oil, salt, citric acid to control acidity.