Mean Green Tomatoes

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When you like Southern food, these pickled green tomatoes will hit the sweet spot. With a nice sweet beginning and a tart, earthy under layer, you will finally understand what it’s like to have a true bread and butter pickle.

Owner and farm-to-table chef Nick Melvin only uses fresh produce and natural ingredients to make these pickled vegetables and no preservatives are out of the question. Nick is like a pickle aficionado as his has been pickling since he was a young boy.

The flavor of these Mean Green Tomatoes is explosive; they are pickled with sweet yellow onions, turmeric, and toasted chili flakes. Try them on your sandwich, burgers love these tomatoes, or in salads, pasta sauce.

Ingredients:green tomatoes, water, organic distilled white vinegar, sugar, yellow onion, salt, garlic, mustard seed, tumeric, celery seed, chili flakes.
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